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Krakow, Poland 

So, this is my fist post of 2017 and a major throwback Thursday. It is also hopefully the beginning of a new hobby for me and something I’ve never had the guts to do before .. start a ‘blog’.

Here goes!

2015 marks my very first holiday without my family. Yay! Me and my close friend decided we wanted to go somewhere a little bit different and not your typical first girls holiday destination. We eventually decided on Poland. We chose Krakow based on.. let’s be honest how cheap it is! Ha oh we were young and naive. 

This picture of St Mary’s Basilica Church is from our first night there in the beautiful old town as its called, this is the main square in the city. The main square is where we spent most of our days enjoying the many different restaurants and market stalls the city had to offer. We went in May time so the weather was beautiful but not too hot for sight seeing. 

On day two, we had pre booked tickets to have a guided tour of the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camp. We travelled there by coach which is about a 40 minute drive from the main city. 

This was truly an overwhelming experience  but somewhere I believe everyone should visit. We spent 3 hours in total there split between the two camps and were given a very in depth guided tour. Honestly like nothing I have seen before. I do recommend purchasing your tickets before you go as you will skip the massive line you see as you arrive. 

We finished our evening off with a meal and cocktails in the main square taking in those sights before a quick night on the town to see what Krakow’s nightlife had to offer. FYI, excellent night out!!

On our last day we had two stops planned. The first being Schindler’s Factory which was a short walk from our hotel and the second being The Wawel Royal Castle. 

Schindler’s factory was somewhere I really wanted to go as I’ve seen the film many times growing up. Unfortunately the tour was fully booked that day so we only saw the small entrance area and gift shop. But even just seeing it from the outside gave me goosebumps.

Wawel Castle was simply stunning. It was already a beautifully sunny day in Krakow but this place just lit up. The gardens were blooming and well looked after and we just had a fantastic day exploring what the grounds had to offer. If Krakow is on your travel bucket list then you must see this Castle!

I’m so happy I’ve ticked Krakow off my travel bucket list and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a city break with lots of sight seeing or even a party weekend getaway, so many choices of places and I can’t stress how cheap it is over there! 

Tips for Krakow: 

1) Do not get confused and change your money for Euros instead of Zloty (You won’t believe how many people we came across who had done this).

2) Make sure you get a travel guide for the city and fill your holiday with as many activities as possible.

3) Make use of the cities tram lines to get around quickly and cheaply!

4) Pre book any tickets and passes before your trip to avoid queuing and paying more.

I hope this has been a  useful guide if you are thinking of travelling to Poland, this was just a few of my suggestions and tips! Until next time Poland. 

Katie x 🇵🇱

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