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Favourite Fragrance | Givenchy

This year I was lucky enough to celebrate my 21st birthday in none other than the concrete jungle that is New York City. To say it was surreal would be an understatement (Travel blog post to come). However whilst in the airport before jetting off I wanted to treat myself to a new perfume to forever remind me of my days in NYC. I shopped and I sniffed until I felt dizzy and eventually came to Givency, a brand I’ve owned before. A firm French favourite of mine. The bottle alone caught my attention. Simple and stunning! 


Dahlia Divin, Le Nectar de Parfum is its full name. It was officially launched in 2016 and is part of Givenchy’s luxurious perfume line. It is exquisitely packaged and comes with a mini bottle perfect for on the go in your handbag. The bottle itself is made of lacquered glass in shades of gold. It has a clear rectangular lid which is designed with fragments of golden leaves. I’ve never seen anything like it, I’m OBSESSED. I won’t lie I am a packaging freak and will buy something based on how it looks, but it just so happens I am truly in love with the scent.

The frangrance itself is sweet and warm and just oozes romance. Mimosa flower is the head fragrant along with jasmine, rose, sandalwood and tonka. There is something so feminine about it and when wearing it I feel so empowered. It has a trail of gold that coats everything. I feel like it’s my new identity. I’ve had compliments off everyone from my lovely Nan, friends to my boyfriend. Just goes to show that it is something everyone can love but might be a little daunted to try as it is such a unique and different scent. I love this about it! 

Fragrance is something that allows women to make their personal statement. It goes beyond make up, hair and fashion. It’s something everyone can know you by. 

This enchanting scent is my new obsession I literally coat myself in it everyday. I probably need to calm down with it to be honest. My 50ml bottle will be gone before I know it. However I know this is always going to be repurchased and an essential in my perfume collection.


Katie x 

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