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Phone Case Obsessions 

For Christmas I was gifted a new phone case embossed with my initials from my lovely sisters. I also treated myself to a few new cases as I’m currently loving the trend of ‘marble’ effect covers. At the moment I have the iPhone 6 Plus so I wanted something that would look pretty but would actually protect my phone too. 

The first case is my Christmas present off my sisters which I believe they purchased from eBay. I love it because it is bold, features my initials and is different to all the other ‘initial’ phone cases we see at the moment. It is a hard plastic material and covers the whole of my phone just leaving gaps for the cameras and speakers.

The next phone cases I ordered this year were also from eBay and only cost me £7.00 for three styles. Again they have this beautiful marble affect all over, very on trend right now!

Case One – a mix of nudes, pinks and grey tones. If you’re looking for a marble affect case yourself but don’t want anything harsh or crazy then this case is for you. The colours are super soft and subtle and give off that marble affect without being in your face.

Case Two – a mix of black, navy and grey tones. This I love for pairing with my night out outfits and to feature in any selfies. I’m sad I know! I’ve received loads of compliments and questions about this particular case and colour. It is just perfect for evenings out or someone who doesn’t want any major colours.

Case Three – a mix of blues, golds and black tones. I think this one is my personal favourite. I’m just obsessed with this colour combination. It is so feminine and girly. I am currently using this case as my day to day one and I love it every time I whip my phone out!

All of the above cases are made out of a rubber material which is perfect if you’re like me and tend to throw your phone about, it stops it from slipping off any surfaces. It is flexible, wipes clean and really durable. The cases are £2.99 each with free delivery to the UK. If you buy three or more cases from this seller you will receive 15% off your total price. Bargain! This seller also stocks seven styles and colours so if these don’t take your fancy I guarantee you’ll see something that will. I’ll link the eBay page on the image below in case you want to check them out. 

This was a short and sweet post but something I wanted to share, especially if you’re phone case obsessed like me. 

Katie x 

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