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Favourite Fragrance | Yves Saint Laurent 

So my blog seems to have a reoccurring French theme as the second part of my ‘Favourite Fragrance’ segment is another Parisian based brand, the ever popular Yves Saint Laurent. My obsession with this perfume started over a year ago when I was first introduced to it by my friend Hannah. It is simply exquisite. First brought onto the scene in 2014, Black Opium quickly became a best seller. 

This is probably my fourth bottle of this Fragrance (a Christmas present off my lovely boyfriend) as it is literally my obsession and signature scent. I have received compliments from my mum and boyfriend which goes to show its popular. 

It is made up of quite a few ingredients. The main one being black coffee, followed by vanilla, white florals, jasmine and patchouli. It is quite a dark and mysterious perfume. Naughty, warm and spicy! The ultimate feminine Fragrance. 

This modern perfume is most suited to the younger generation and is a vibrant addition to any perfume fanatic. Addictive! 

It is beautifully packaged in a jet black sparkly bottle, thin in size with a glass circle in the centre to see that crisp, pink fragrant. The retail selling price for this 50ml bottle is around £65.50. Perfect as a up and coming Valentines Day gift!

Make sure you get your dose of this seductively intoxicating scent. My forever favourite. 


Katie x 

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