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Sorrento, Italy

Around this time last year I was preparing for a trip of a life time to Italy. Me and a close friend of mine had a growing obsession with the idea of visiting Sorerento and bit the bullet and booked it. To this day it is one of my all time favourite holidays and I will 100% be returning there in the future. 

Located in southern Italy, Sorrento is a picturesque town facing the bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. It is a popular tourist destination and why wouldn’t it be with its spectacular views of Naples, Vesuvius, Capri and the Amalfi coastline to name just a few. We were lucky to stay in a hotel up in the hills of Sorrento. The hotel was truly perfect and we could not argue with its fantastic views everyday! It also provided a free private coach back and fourth from Sorrento town 7 days a week from 7am-12pm. 

Our first day in Sorrento we spent it exploring the beautiful, old, traditional Italian town centre. It is filled with small cobbled streets lined with every style of restaurant, cafe and bar. Its impeccably dressed staff ready to greet you with a menu at there doors. Keep an eye out for all the stalls with touristy gifts and souvenirs and its higher end boutiques stocked with the finest of Italian leathers and hand made garments. We literally spent the whole day eating and exploring its ancient building and churches. Bring some comfy shoes!

Day two and we’re off to the island of Capri. We knew before hand that this was a place we wanted to visit and and from all my reading and researching it did not disappoint. We booked our tickets for the boat to Capri the day before in the ticket stand on the main marina and I recommend this if you want to be guaranteed a seat. The journey took about 30 minutes and allowed us to take in more of the sights. Capri is renound for its expensive food and drinks and its designer stores so if you’re on a budget I would bring a lunch with you. 

When we arrived our first port of call was to quickly get tickets to see the famous Blue Grotto as these can sell out quickly especially as the day goes on. We got our tickets and headed out on another boat cruise around the island. We were provided with a guided speaking tour and then we canoued into the grotto itself were we were treated to the most spectacular sight of glowing blue water and the sound of Itlalian music. This was the best experience of my life. If you go to Capri this is a MUST!

After our fun filled morning we spent the rest of the afternoon of the Marina Grande Beach to top up our tans. This is a stunning beach, quiet and peaceful with clear blue water. Watch out for the stones, they hurt!

On our third day we kept it pretty chill. We had another day exploring Sorrento and had a beautiful lunch on the Marina. I also had my 100th Bellini – best Italian cocktail! I lived on them this holiday. Don’t forget to try the famous Lemencello whilst you’re there aswel.

The following morning we woke with another jam packed day ahead of us. We took the train from Sorrento to the station Pompeii Scavi where we planned to visit the Ancient city of Pompeii. Once a thriving Roman city, Pompeii was buried under meters of ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. We spent around three hours exploring this incredible piece of history. The sun was shining, we had our maps in hand and we took our time making our way around only a fraction of the ruins. I wish we had longer. 

After our tour, we had a bite to eat and bought our tickets for an afternoon climbing Mount Vesuvius. This is the only active volcano in the whole of Europe. Just a short walk from Pompeii to a bus which then took us to a jeep, the jeep then took us half way up the mountain where it stopped so we could finish the hike to the top. Once we reached the top (in flip flops I might add – although I DO NOT recommend) we were over whelmed by the simply stunning, most breathtaking view. We could see right into the crater were you can see pumes of sulphur gas poking through the cracks. We were also treated to a speaking tour as part of our ticket. 

This brings me to our last day, we packed and cried and said goodbye to our temporary Italian accents that we had grown to love. We checked out of our hotel and got some good old Italian gelato as one last treat before we headed back to Naples Airport. Bellisima! 

I could not recommend Sorrento enough to everyone. From couples old and young to best friends or siblings. There is something for everyone and the comfort of knowing you’re in the trusty hands of those beautifuly helpful and friendly Italians. I cannot wait to go back again soon!

Until next time, grazie Bella Italia! 

Katie x 🇮🇹

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