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Lip Love 💄 YSL Edition 

I recently repurchased one of my all time favourite lipsticks from a brand I swear by, Yves Saint Laurent. For those who know me know I’m not too big into make up or very good at it for that matter, but I have my favourites and go to’s and this product is definitely one. 👌

I picked up this product from John Lewis as they always have a great selection and nine times out of ten have this shade in stock as it is a super popular colour! It retails at £27.00 which is fairly expensive in my opinion but so worth it for the product you get and how long it lasts. Worth the money.

I get shade no. 66 also known as Rosewood. As I said this shade is extremely popular and can be hard to come across so you may have to buy online. I can see why it’s so well loved as its the most beautiful colour. I can only describe it as a warm, dusty mauve with an undertone of orange and brown. It is an everyday neutral but could also easily be layered for more of a nighttime look. This colour would look great on pretty much any skin tone. I myself am naturally quite pale and like to tan for special occasions and the colour looks good with both types. 

This lipstick really accentuates your own natural lip colour whilst also giving you a pop of colour. I own a couple of lipsticks from this Rouge Pur Couture range now as they are so creamy, hydrating and they really do last! It also has an SPF of 15 which is great for summer time. Its moisturising formula saturates your lips with an intense, stay-true to colour look. It has a medium to full coverage with a radiant and satin finish. My perfect lipstick in a box.

The product comes in that true French, classic, Yves Saint Laurent style of a luxurious gold case that doubles as a mirror also. It’s sleek and expensive appearance looks great sat in your make up bag or dresser.  My only minor complaint about this product would be that the casing actually scratches very easily and can ruin the look of the lipstick up close which you can tell on some of my pictures. Other than that no complaints. 

I truly love and recommend this beautiful product and I’m sure I’ll buy it for the rest of my life. You’ll find me wearing it in most of my pictures. Once you find that perfect colour you’re set forever in my opinion! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful for when you’re selecting your next lipstick.

Bye for now, 

Katie 💋 x 

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