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Vilamoura, Portugal

In September 2016, I visited the beautiful resort of Vilamoura. This is located in the Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal. We flew into Faro airport and it was about a 30 minute drive to where we were staying in the Hotel Crowne Plaza, right on the beach. Perfection! 

Our hotel was stunning. The staff couldn’t do enough for you and it had its own spa, pool and restaurants which myself and my boyfriend took full advantage of. The spa was sometimes empty so we had it all to ourselves.

I should point out that when we visited Portugal it was early September so there was still a lovely atmosphere and lots of people around but no where was heaving as the summer holidays were over. The average temperature over the week was about 28degrees and that was just perfect. Any hotter and I don’t think I would of enjoyed myself, ha! We spent most of Day One taking all this in right at the beach on our doorstep. Watch out for that extremely hot sand!!

Day two and we enjoyed another morning at the spa, a full day at the beach and a whole afternoon exploring the Marina. There was tonnes of little shops, ice cream parlours and loads of restaurants to choose from. Safe to say I put a full stone on this day!! We enjoyed our lunch and dinner sat right by the sea.

On our third day we decided to visit Lagos. Lagos is a town in the Algarve region known for its old towns, cliffs and Atlantic beaches. It was super easy to get to, we took a train from our marina to Lagos, it took about 1 hour, and the journey flew by with all the scenic routes we passed.

When we arrived we quickly reserved some tickets for a boat tour around the island. We went with the company Bom Dia as they seemed to offer the best value for money trip. But if you go yourself there is so many companies to choose from so just take your time reading up on what’s best for you!

Our ticket cost €20.00 each and we went for the 2 hour Grotto trip. They took us along the coast and to the famous caves of Ponta de Piedade. It was absolutely incredible! We had so much fun!

Day four and we enjoyed another pool side morning, a leisurely stroll by the marina, followed by some cocktails and lunch! This was the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday I’ve had.

For the afternoon we fancied a bit of local culture and visited the Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila. This was the remenants of a historical villa in the Algarve. It was only €2 entry fee and you could explore the sight in your own time. The museum itself was fairly small and low key but the outside views of the ruins are well worth a visit! Just find the the cobbled steps up from the marina and you’re there.

Our last full day in Vilamoura arrived and we jammed it full with more of our holiday favourites. Spa, pool, beach, food and cocktails on the stunning marina and a good old fashioned ootd. I wasn’t ready to leave Vilamoura, it treated us so well and the general hospitality, sunshine and beautiful views made it very hard to leave.

We finished our last night off visiting ‘Purobeach’ a luxurious nightclub on the beach and taking photos under the Algarve sunset! Bliss! 

I would 100% reccomend Vilamoura to anyone looking to genuinely switch off from everyday life and relax. Everything you want and need is within walking distance and there is plenty of activities and places to visit loacally if you want something to do. The people, food and the marina make the holiday and it is worth every penny. I would definitely add the Algarve to your must see list! Let me know if you’re planning on visiting soon.

Katie x 🇵🇹

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